The history

Their advantages

The company's human capital offers the consumer guaranteed, safe and high quality meat and food products by harnessing the experience and know-how combined with meticulousness.

Our executives

The company executives are its driving force. They are selected with regard to their knowledge, expertise, experience and scientific training. At the same time, they are trained in the hygiene and safety of foods as well as their preservation and storage. Hence, the guaranteeing safety and steady quality of our products that reach the consumer and the services provided bear the mark of security and professional responsibility of the entire workforce of C. MICHAS AEVEίδα της σιγουριάς και της επαγγελματικής υπευθυνότητας όλου του εργατικού δυναμικού της Χ. ΜΙΧΑΣ ΑΕΒΕ.


The company departments are composed of its human capital on whom we rely and we support.